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King of the Hammers Recap & More Pictures

“It was a very successful event” said Rich Klein the promoter of the Side X Side event on Wednesday.  The race ran in half the time that we thought that it would take.  The race consisted of desert and two of the rock hammers trails that could be accomplished by a Side X Side, but not without some finesse and some assistance.

With only 6 race cars off the line the race was on the smaller side, but the enthusiasm for some upcoming similar races and next years race was the buzz of the next few days.  The big car racers were watching and hopefully the racers that weren’t able to make it this year will have more time to prep a vehicle for such a course.   Every driver and spectator enjoyed this race immensely.

Thursday and Friday was the main King of the Hammers race that hosted 130 off-road teams who wanted to be a part of the hardest one day off road race in the world.  My job was to have fun and watch these amazing vehicles race through the desert and crawl through the rocks.  Of course, I couldn’t put my camera down so I jetted around the desert and took some pictures from some different spots.  Congratulations to Jason Scherer and Jason Berger for a great performance and win! Both of the cars that I was helping chase and support DNF’d with mechanical issues.  To put that into perspective, of the 92 cars that started only some 30 cars finished, and every single car including the winner had some sort of vehicle support at one point!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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1) Jason Scherer 4:42
2) Randy Slawson 4:47
3) Casey Currie 4:58
4) EZ Rick 5:20
5) JR VanOrtwick 6:02
6) Brad Lovell 6:05
7) Rob Mc Kinney 6:10
8) Adam Woodlee 6:19
9) Joachim Schwiesow 6:23
10) Greg Hussey 6:33
11) Wayne Israelson 6:37
12) Eric Holder 6:46
13) Tom Wayes 6:48
14) Steven Watson 6:49
15) Buzz Bronsema 6:52
16) Jason Pickett 6:58
17) Jack Adams 7:05
18) Will Carter 7:19
19) Kevin Yoder 7:20:28
20) John Reynolds 7:20:31

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