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The National Off Road Racing Series (NORRS)

The National Off Road Racing Series (NORRS) is proud to announce it will be holding its short course racing series in Southern California. With seven race weekends scheduled for 2009 and 15 races ending in a world class championship, the NORRS series will be the premiere short course off road racing experience.

“We are happy to be able to provide affordable racing for both race teams and spectators for our upcoming season that will be a great experience for all, said COO Wessly Carr. This series will provide the side by side racing action that fans of short course racing want to see and also provide a professional racing experience for teams across the US. Being backed by a non-biased entertainment company allows us to invite racers across the United States and into Mexico for exciting racing action. For the fans it will be affordable even in this economy so that the average family can enjoy a full day of entertainment and racing.”

The series will be primarily held in San Diego, California, due to its mild weather and relatively easy travel time from anywhere in Southern California. NORRS is currently developing a track that features a 1200-foot straight, banked turns, whoops, S-turns and other great features. Located at the north end of San Diego it will be conveniently accessible for Southern California fans and drivers.

The 2009 NORRS Schedule is as follows:
·  May 16-17 - San Diego
·  July 11-12 - San Diego
·  Aug 29-30 - San Diego
·  Sept 19-20 - TBA
·  Oct. 10-11 - San Diego
·  Nov 21-22 - TBA
·  Dec 12-13 Series Championship - San Diego

The NORRS class lineup and entry fee schedule per weekend is as follows:
·  2 and 4 Expert Truck Modified - $900.00
·  Expert Lite Truck Modified - $700.00
·  Expert Buggy Modified - $800.00
·  Expert Buggy Stock - $800.00
·  Sportsman Buggy Modified - $600.00
·  Sportsman Buggy Stock - $600.00
·  Sportsman Truck Open - $400.00
·  Sportsman Truck Limited - $400.00
·  Sportsman Truck Lite - $400.00
·  UTV Expert - $450.00
·  UTV Sportsman - $400.00
·  KART Rookie - $150.00
·  KART Stock - $150.00
·  KART Modified - $150.00

Payouts are some of the highest on the West Coast, at two to four times the weekend entry fee. NORRS will make sure that racing is affordable to drivers as well as being affordable to fans including the family. Why race this series. because the payouts will be better than anything last year and the cost of registration will be lower than anything last year of the same level. Fans will be able to attend the races without costing an arm and a leg. Most of all the organization, as a whole, is flexible and non biased. We will listen to the drivers, because without them we have no race series!

NORRS brings exciting short course off road racing for drivers of all types and ages. From children, to Sportsmen, to Professional drivers behind the wheel of 800 horsepower trucks flying over 150 feet.

For more information, check out the NORRS website at

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New Camouflage Design for Miller’s Performance Series Helmet Line

New Camouflage Design Introduced for Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s Performance™ Series Auto-darkening Welding Helmet Line
New camouflage pattern appeals to outdoor and hunting enthusiasts

Highlights/Key Facts:
• Attractive new Realtree® design for Performance Series™ Arc Armor™ welding helmets

• Three arc sensors, quick-release front cover lens holder with rubber spatter gasket

• Lightweight: 17 oz.

To satisfy the demand of outdoors and hunting enthusiasts among its users, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced a camouflage design for its Performance Series  line of Arc Armor™ welding helmets. The new Realtree® All Purpose High Definition® camouflage design – made available to Miller through an exclusive license – features a sharp, vibrant camouflage pattern that any outdoor enthusiast will appreciate.

Performance Series helmets feature three arc sensors, a quick-release front cover lens holder with a rubber spatter gasket and lens controls conveniently located at the bottom of the lens. These helmets also include Miller’s Auto-On and Grind Mode features. Auto-On eliminates accidental arc flash by automatically detecting the arc even if the helmet hasn’t been used for an extended amount of time. Grind mode allows the helmet to be used as a protective shield by preventing the lens from darkening while grinding.
Other important features include:
•   Shades #8-13 and light state #3
•   Excellent low amperage TIG (5 amps)
•   $25 accessory package
•   Lightweight: 17 oz.

Miller auto-darkening helmets are covered by a two-year warranty. Miller products are available at your local Miller distributor. To learn more about Arc Armor welding protection products, visit

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