SSV Works Kawasaki Bob

When it comes to specialty markets, SSV Works has focused on a clearly defined segment: Side X Side Audio Systems. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t build a completely custom unit with upgraded suspension, performance, and more. Trevor Kaplan and Nathan Perkins are the owners of SSV Works in Agoura Hills, California. With three employees, they are a small shop that makes a big noise.In a competitive market, their company stands out because they created the first complete Side X Side- specific audio kit, including the first and only center console subwoofer enclosure. Consumers (and some shops) typically use car audio parts and screw them to anywhere there is space, which makes for poor sound quality and spotty reliability. SSV Works solved that problem with the design of hand-laid fiberglass speaker enclosures. They have also developed an exclusive No Radio Needed iPod input kit that allows the entire system to run without a radio.The guys at SSV Works have identified their niche in the market and rely on experts in other areas. As Trevor puts it, “We leave the welding to the fab shops. We know how to build audio systems.” They work with quality manufacturers to add the best aftermarket parts available. Their advice to first-time Side X Side owners? “Add a stereo and 4-point seatbelts first. These will add the most fun for the least expense.”For the Battle of the Builders, SSV Works stripped the stock suspension, motor components, cage, headlights, plastics, seat belts, wheels/tires, and exhaust. They left the frame and drive train and customized everything else. Their favorite add-ons were the SSV Works stereo system and the ALBA motor build. They love that the engine is fast and throaty – but the stereo’s louder.They chose ALBA for their legendary track record of proven power. With the ALBA engine mods, they were able to nearly double the power output to the tire with stock bore and stock reliability. At ALBA, they understand the importance behind ensuring that the customer’s engine lives through the brutal abuse that a weekend at the desert creates. With that in mind, they developed this engine to be a good blend of both power and reliability.

The SSV Works Audio System consists of several components: Teryx front speaker pods, Teryx rear speaker pods, a Teryx center console subwoofer enclosure, an amp, wiring, and an iPod input. The system fits the Teryx perfectly, is very clear and loud, and doesn’t get in the way or take up useful storage space.

In addition to the sound and the motor, the SSV Works custom Teryx includes Twisted Stitch Seats with DJ Safety Belts and a two-seat cage for comfort and safety. The ride is made smoother with an LTI suspension system paired with King shocks. Maxxis Big Horn Tires on OMF Billet Center Beadlocked Wheels offer better acceleration and braking. Kawasaki Green Maier Plastics with custom airbrushing done by L&G Paint wrap the complete package.
The build took two weeks to complete and, in hindsight, they realize they could have used more time. But, everyone at SSV Works is happy with the end result. The truth is, off-road projects are never really complete, just temporarily stalled out.

Vehicle Tech Sheet
Builder SSV Works
Wheelbase 103
Width F69 R71.5
Overall Length 130
Overall Height 70
Ride Height 10
Seat Height 31
Weight 1642
Tire size and make 25×8x12 Maxxis Big Horn
Tire size and make 25×10x12 Maxxis Big Horn
Turning Radius 21′