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1 Side X Side's / Polaris Ranger / Re: Quandrary on: January 29, 2007, 02:53:12 PM
Thanks for your input guys!
Recently...I watched a video of a Rhino doing what I thought would be an easy hill climb. NOPE! It tipped over on it's side. That eliminated any thoughts of purchasing one. Instead...I have put money down on "first dibs" for the new Ranger RAZR with the hope that it's low C.O.G. will be more stable. I really like the fact that Polaris Ranger's use EFI which in my case (not mechanically inclined) should be easier for the various type of riding conditions. If the Ranger came with bucket seats and was a bit smaller, perhaps I would have opted for that instead. I love the looks of the RAZR! May have to have a custom trailer built for it if any hauling needs to be done, tho. Thank you again.

happy trails.....Bud
2 Side X Side's / Polaris Ranger / Quandrary on: January 15, 2007, 09:36:45 PM
Hey there...
I find myself between a rock and a hard place. For the past few weeks I've been searching/reading posts on various forums in preparation for my purchase of a new side by side. Initially, it was going to be an 07 Yamaha Rhino 660 in the explorer edition. The other day, I received an e-mail suggesting to take a look at the Polaris Ranger. I prefer bucket seats over a bench seat which draws me to the Rhino. But the idea of rolling down a hill side doesn't appeal to me either. What I'm wondering is if any of you (skydivers) oops...I mean Ranger riders have owned a Rhino prior to owning a Ranger. Another factor that plays in is the weight factor. From my understanding, the Ranger is almost twice as heavy which means I would have to get a winch that could pull an elephant out of a mudhole. The frame of the Rhino doesn't appear to be as strong as the Ranger and from what info I have garnished from the forums, I will have to replace the shocks on the Rhino too.
This is my first side by side and ATV/UTV experience. We moved here to Utah from Buffalo, NY. My princess isn't too enthralled with my new hobby but to have hundreds of miles available for riding, it's nuts not to take advantage of it. Another drawback is the fact that all my friends and family are back in the U.S.A. and there aren't any side by side clubs here. The local ATV club I did find stops every hour during their rides for a friggin prayer meeting. My smoking and drinking habits would be a bit much for them. I'm probably stretching my neck out, nut I'd like to find some old riders to hook up with and ride the trails.
Pardon me for getting off track...I have another question. What is considered to be a safe depth of water to ride your Rangers thru? The top of your wheels? And if I remove the windshield, am I going to have less dust/dirt inside? Thanks guys.

Happy trails..............smokem
3 Side X Side Action / General Discussion / Re: Moab Whos going on: January 04, 2007, 01:47:53 PM
Hey there...
I'm a " newcomer" to Utah (from upstate New York) and also a newcomer to the side by side scene. I almost purchased an 06 Rhino 660 SE and trailer a couple of months ago without my princess's knowledge. You can well imagine how that would have gone! The good news is that now she's telling all that, "Bud is going to buy a Rhino." Smiley I'm currently looking for a double axle trailer with the intention of purchasing the 07 Rhino 660 Exploring Edition by the end of March.
It's also my intent to go to Moab in June for the side by side rally. We have been to Moab several times since moving here in 03. IMHO, Dead Horse State Park is equal if not prettier then the Grand Canyon from either the North or South rims. You don't want to miss it!
As for the meet? I'm really looking forward to it!!! However, I may be forced to book lodging where there's a tub that I can soak these old arthritic bones at the end of the riding day.

Happy Trails....Bud
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