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1 Side X Side's / Yamaha Rhino / Rhino Steering on: February 05, 2007, 06:50:32 PM
Does anyone know of an aftermarket replacement for the factory steering box?
2 Side X Side Action / In The Garage / Rhino Steering on: February 05, 2007, 06:35:42 PM
Does anyone know of any aftermarket steering boxes available for the Rhino?
3 Side X Side Action / Race Scene / Re: who out there really wants to race???? on: November 15, 2006, 02:54:41 AM
be carefull putting the turbos on your Side x Sides if you plan on racing in the desert races. The rules state that the motors have to be naturally aspirated. If your racing short course i believe that you would be fine because there hasn't been a clear set of rules developed that everyone is following.

Hope my $.02 helps!
4 Side X Side Action / Race Scene / Re: BITD AVI 150 on: October 29, 2006, 01:10:26 AM
Here is how the racing action stacked up in the Pro Class. The 1925 Jagged X Rhino of James, Mike, and Cody Carter take the Win at the BITD Avi 150. The 1915 of Travis from Rhino Mafia took second with Cory from Desert Toyz in the 1901 in Third Place. Forth place went to the only Polaris in the field car # 1932.

In the sportsman class the 1951 from Rush Rhino took the win with a fourth place overall.

It was a tough race for the Carter team,but they manged to make the best of it going threw three rear axles during the race. It says a lot about the team that they have being able to get the car back on the track and keeping it out in front.

Now Travis, he's a different story... The pits just didn't seem to treat him well. He pulled into the main pit to splash fuel and check over the car and that's where it all started. He ended up with a broken muffler, no brakes, and the car catching on fire. After he tackled the problems one at a time, he was able to get back on the course minus his hood and make up some lost time. However, just before the alternet pit on the last lap, he blew a tire and sent the pit crew chasing after him from the main pit to try and beat him to the next pit to get the tire changed and him back on the road. Through all of the problems, he pushed on and claimed second place.

The 1901 of Cory Sappington had some tough luck on the track. The car spent quite a bit of time on it's lid during three seperate occasions where it was rolled. Two of the occasions where with Cory behind the wheel and the third was claimed by his brother Darren They were able to get the car back onto it's wheels and keep the rubber down to claim a third place finish.
5 Side X Side Action / Race Scene / BITD AVI 150 on: October 29, 2006, 12:23:42 AM
Here's the info that everyone has been waiting for!!! The AVI 150 was an awesome race. The action was close and tight. There was over 35 miles of race course cramed into 7 square miles of desert in Laughlin Nevada. The first Rhino left the Line at 9:20am with 16 Side X Sides total this weekend. This is the first race that had entries in both the Sportsman and Pro class. The pro class also had a Polaris Ranger in the field. With the total field consisting of only Quads and UTVs it made for a great race. I hope that BITD looks to add more races of this type to the schedule in the future. No one had that unsuspecting image of a Trick Truck or Class 1 car trying to make a comeback and punting them off the course. They biggest concern was trying to stay ahead of the competition.

The Weather was awesome, clear blue skys with just a touch of of a breaze. The BITD Staff and Voluntiers did a great job as usual putting together the race and couldn't have asked for a better location or weekend. The Coments in the pits were flying about how great the course was and what fun it was to drive. There was a little bit of everything thrown at you. There were the highspeed straight aways, followed by elevation changes, sandy washes, with steep ledges.

It seemed as if everyone had some type of problem this weekend if not more than one. There wern't any flawless runs this weekend. There also seemed to be to major paterns developing during the race. The motor demons where out claming victoms. They didn't waste any time eather getting the Dessert Assassin Rhino of Glen Evans at Mile one. Both the 1919 Jagged X and the 1908 Combs Equipment Rhino also got claimed by the motor gods. The Jagged X car was claimed on Lap 3 about 5 miles after the first pit that all started from a overheating problem. The 1908 was claimed at race mile 6 on lap two. The 1917 was towed into the Alternate pit on Lap 1 with a blown motor.

6 Side X Side Action / Race Scene / BITD Las Vegas 300 Race CANCELED on: September 18, 2006, 07:06:27 PM
I picked this up from the UTVRA and thought everyone might be interested.

Due to land issues and timing Casey at BITD called today and said that the UTV race at the Las Vegas 300 is cancelled. The course has changed and is so rough that it would be no fun in a UTV. He would rather have us save our equiptment and come out in force at the AVI 150 race. Sorry for any inconvience.
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